We Cater to both Home & Commercial Removals & Storage

Our Removals

Here at Dusty’s Removals & Storage, we pride ourselves on reliability and dependability. We are aware that for most people, moving can be a hectic and difficult ordeal; so with that being said, our sole purpose is to offer you some well deserved peace of mind.

Dusty’s Removals & Storage is a full service removalist. We provide professional, quality removals at a reasonable cost. Our trained and experienced staff can move all your goods from your office, your flat, your apartment or your home in a 100% safe and efficient manner. If you hate packing, we even offer a full packing service, simply enquire for my detailed information!

Now Dusty’s Removals & Storage is based in Bundaberg, but we love the chance to send our team out into the world to service almost all of the east coast of Australia.
We service areas starting from just around the corner, moving on to the Wide Bay area, then North to Rockhampton or South to mid New South Wales and even inland Queensland. Wherever you may be moving, give us a call, or experience our online quoting system, and we will be there for you to support this stressful point in your life.

Packing Boxes can be Purchased

We provide a range of Packing boxes, Port-a-robes, Tape, Mattress covers Paper & Bubble Wrap. They come in a range of sizes and types & we can even arrange for your precious items to be packed safely. Enquire today to find out the details!

Our Storage Facilities

Dusty’s Removals & Storage utilises our very own safe & secure warehouse to bring you the option to store your precious possessions with us. We can offer solutions for someone who needs to keep some furniture safe for a week or two, while we also offer specialised solutions to anyone who may need to store some goods for a few years or more. We pride ourselves on reliability so if you are in a tight situation or you find you new home can not contain all of your worldly possessions; give us a call and we can help you store a few of those extra goods until you need them or find a new home for them!

Safe & Secure

So your goods will be safe, security is one of our biggest priorities.

We are Flexible

We offer both short & Long-term storage solutions.

We will beat the Weather!

Facilities located away from Bundaberg’s flood zones.