Moving Checklist


Before you move

There are a bunch of tasks that are necessary when moving home.
Refer to this checklist to make sure you have completed as many as possible to make your move an enjoyable experience for you and your removalist.

The basics to complete in the weeks before your move Done?
Obtain packing boxes. (Dusty’s Removals sell these) Yes | No
Search through your home for any outstanding rentals and return them. (Library books, DVD’s etc) Yes | No
Cancel any home deliveries that may conflict with your move date. Yes | No
Change your address with all relevant agencies.
(Medicare, Electoral Roll, ATO, Drivers License, Banking Institution, Rego, etc)
Yes | No
Arrange disconnection of home utilities. (Electricity, Phone, Internet, etc) Yes | No
Set aside precious or personal items that you may wish to transport personally. Yes | No
Confirm your moving dates and time with both your Removalist and Real Estate Agent/Solicitor. Yes | No
Organise cleaning services and repairs on the old home. Yes | No

The day/night before your Move Done?
Defrost & wipe down any/all fridges and freezers. Yes | No
Empty, drain, and prepare washing machines/dishwashers as per manufacturer’s instructions. Yes | No
Disconnect all electrical equipment. (Stereos, computers, etc) Yes | No
Dismantle all recreational items (Swings, gyms, trampolines) that need to be taken apart for
Yes | No
Empty any/all fuel tanks or gas cylinders. (including mowers & whipper snippers) Yes | No
If wanting us to transport empty pot plants please empty and clean all soil/loose particles out of all pots
prior to the removal date.
Yes | No
Empty/dismantle any beds or water beds. Yes | No
Separate all boxes to be taken with you personally from those you are entrusting to us. Yes | No
Ensure all your clothing and personal items are packed. Yes | No
Sort and discard/donate any unwanted items that you are not wishing to transport to your new home. Yes | No

Friendly Note

We are sure that (a bit like us) you may enjoy a morning cuppa! With that in mind, we find it a handy hint to recommend you keep a box separate with your coffee, kettle, sugar etc inside. We are sure you’d love to take a break for a coffee at some point, & speaking for most of us at Dusty’s, we would be ecstatic if you offered us one too!

If you need Storage Facilities

For both temporary and long term storage we have got what you need! Just give us a yell and we can arrange storage for your extra items. Our facilities are safe, secure and located away from Bundaberg’s flood zones. Remember that we can offer you the complete service, Removals to storage, new homes, etc We are your guy!

Losing Things?

We recommend separating a small shoe box or likewise for small, finicky items like remotes, keys to cabinets, bed legs, cabinet screws and everything similar that is likely to be really annoying to lose. Keep it close and when you get to your new home the likelihood of losing those little annoyances are all but gone!